Real emotion is the heart of all impactful marketing.


I am an educator, speaker, web designer, and consultant.

I laugh loud, communicate directly, and get sh*t done.

JB Media Institute

Don’t go it alone! Join my newest online course – the Content Strategy Roadmap. Learn content marketing skills like SEO, Facebook and Instagram marketing, Google ads, and more. Get the support you need to become a digital marketing rockstar.

Web Design & Development

Do you need a simple, affordable website for your small business? Are you searching for a web design team that can help you make quick and easy changes? Do you want to do a website redesign but feel confused? I’d love to help you explore the options!

Training & Public Speaking

Are you hosting an event or conference and want someone to speak about SEO, social media, and online marketing trends and tactics? Are you a group or event that focuses on supporting marketing professionals.  I’d love to get your event on my schedule!





Marketing Real talk

The world of marketing has drastically changed since my career began in 2003. Some industries like SEO and website design are almost unrecognizable from what they used to be in the early 2000’s, but it isn’t just the technology that has changed. Marketing, communications, and sales in this day and age require a change of heart, a shift in perspective, and a new mindset.

These are the conversations I love to have, so if you are ready to embrace this new reality let’s chat.

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Everyone Knows Marketing Sucks!

Marketing is a demanding job that requires a diverse number of skills, the desire and motivation to continuously learn, a creative mind, and empathy and caring for the people you want to reach.

Find out how I fuel my creative fires, stay relevant, and avoid burnout in the field. As professionals, we are all in this together.

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Everyone Knows Marketing Sucks

Everyone Knows Marketing Sucks

My Life in Marketing  In the beginning, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life or my career, but I knew whatever path I chose would involve connecting with people and sharing stories. Two of my great passions in life are 1. exploring as many forms of...

WordCamp Asheville 2020 Highlights

WordCamp Asheville 2020 Highlights

WordCamp Asheville 2020 Goes Virtual and Rocks! Today I had the absolute pleasure of attending WordCamp Asheville 2020 online. Although I missed seeing everyone in person and connecting with the community as we have in the past, this virtual event was stellar and I...

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