Prospering Conference 2020

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Customer Service + Relevant Promotions = Business Growth and Stability

Relationship Marketing in 2020

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In this keynnote I discussed relationship marketing, storytelling, emotional intelligence, and how this relates to business success.

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Wednesday April 8 , 2020

How to Use Instagram Stories Effectively as a Brand…and Have Fun Doing It!

The “Instagram Stories” feature has been getting a lot of attention. Everyone says your brand must use Stories to succeed, but how can brands use this tool effectively? Join Sarah Benoit as she shares simple tips for businesses and organizations that can help your brand connect with people in a more visually impactful and personal way. Learn how Instagram Stories is evolving and what you can expect in the future.

Half Day Bootcamp

April 14, 2020

“New Social Media Strategies to Increase Engagement: How to Build Personal Relationships with Messaging Apps and Chatbots”

Session 1 : Social Media Personalization StrategiesSarah Benoit, Co-founder and Lead Instructor of the JB Media Institute

Session 2 : Third Party Messaging Apps – Daniel Rock, Relationship Marketing Specialist

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