Thought Leader Study Hall

In November 2019 I am thrilled to teach as part of the Thought Leader Study Hall series in West Asheville. Classes are available to members only and memberships are available at an affordable $35 per month. 


TLSH is a fast-track info-product development program for emerging thought leaders in Asheville, North Carolina. Creating a Global Thought Leadership Platform is a powerful way to monetize your expertise and diversify your income streams. And now you have a local team of experts who can help remove the guesswork, gruntwork, and frustration from building your first multimedia sales platform.

My Course: The Sellable Video Course 

Nov. 14th ad 21st 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Goodwill Career Center, 1616 Patton Avenue, Asheville NC 28806

Creating video courses is a huge endeavor and often very stressful, regardless of how long you’ve been in your field. When you move into selling your expertise it can feel intimidating, overwhelming, and uncomfortable.

In this workshop I will share how I have transitioned from teaching in person to teaching online. I’ll share mindsets, tips, and tactics that successful online trainers use to create truly useful, relevant, and valuable content. We’ll also discuss trends in online education and how you can make your courses easier to digest and complete.