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Social Media for Business Class

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Social Media Marketing for Business

Feb. & March 2022

Class 1

In this class, we covered the building blocks of social media marketing and the importance of knowing your brand, audiences, stories, and purpose. We discussed the ethics of social media marketing and the importance of taking care of yourself and having a healthy relationship with technology. We also started exploring Facebook tools. Your homework is to play around with Facebook and/or Instagram come prepared with questions for next class. If you are not on Facebook or Instagram you can create accounts so you can explore during class. Make sure you have your logins for class. Also, if possible, watch the documentary The Social Dilemma.

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Class 2

In this class we discussed Facebook and Instagram basics, tools, and trends in more detail. We explored the value of using business pages to access tools created for marketing, customer service, and communications. We also talked about the power video and multi-media content play in the social world. 

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Class 3

We also reviewed the social media and search engine optimization (SEO) value of having a YouTube business/brand channel along with some best practices for creating your channel. In this class, we continued to explore different platforms including Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat. 

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Class 4

In this class, we continued our discussion of social media strategy and how to write your own social media plan. We also explored social media tracking and reporting, as well as social media advertising with a special focus on the Facebook Ads Manager.

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Educational Resources

Learn from the Source

It is always better to study the tool or platform you are working with and keep up with their announcements, news, and educational information. Here are the websites created to help businesses stay up to date:

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