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Social Media for Business Class

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Social Media Marketing for Business

April 2021

Class 1

In this class we covered the building blocks of social media marketing and the importance of knowing your brand, audiences, stories, and purpose. We also started exploring Facebook tools. Your homework is to click around in your personal account if you are new and if you want, to set up a Business Page using the “Create” option at the top of the desktop or laptop verion of Facebook. Come to class with any questions that come up. If you have a business page spend a little time before next class playing with the page and come prepared with any questions that come up.

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Class 2

In this class we discussed Facebook and Instagram basics, tools, and trends in more detail. We also reviewed the basic power of having a YouTube channel.

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Class 3

In this class, we continued to explore different platforms including Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We also reviewed the basics of a social media strategy and how to create an actionable plan that can grow with your business or organization.

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Class 4

In this class, we explored social media tracking and reporting, as well as social media advertising with a special focus on the Facebook Ads Manager. We also learned about emerging platforms like Snapchat and TikTok and explored the graphic tools inside Canva.com.

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Educational Resources

Free Online Learning

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Free Facebook BluePrint Classes

Free Later.com Instagram Courses

Adespresso – this site will help you learn more about social media advertising.


Social Media Educational Resources

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Learn from the Source

It is always better to study the tool or platform you are working with and keep up with their announcements, news, and educational information. Here are the websites created to help businesses stay up to date:

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