Web design services for small businesses, personal brands, and non profits.

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Creative Original, Inc. History

Started in Asheville, North Carolina in 2009 by Sarah Benoit in Asheville, North Carolina, Creative Original, Inc is a leader in the field of website design, training, and consulting services are geared towards small businesses, non profit organizations, micro-enterprises, and sole proprietorships.


Building and optimizing websites since 2003! 

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Web Design and Development

Our goal as web development professionals is to create simple, affordable, responsive, easy to manage, people-friendly websites.  Our team’s background includes search engine optimization, creative writing, social media marketing, PR, media relations, video marketing, and advertising. We help clients from a variety of industries to launch websites that can achieve their goals, expand their reach, and grow with their business over time.

Our Latest Work

Our Web Design Process

The team of web development and design experts at Creative Original, Inc. have been designing and promoting websites for over a decade. Our goal is to educate our clients about the process of building a site and the important questions and details that must be reviewed in order to make the best business decisions at the very beginning of the project. Our process is efficient and simple if clients are prepared to provide clear feedback and insight.

On average our websites cost between $3000 and $6000 and we focus specifically on building small business websites. We do not typically accept e-commerce projects or build online stores, but we can recommend other providers.


Here are the steps involved in our project management process:

Step 1: FREE Consult and Creative Inquiry

The first step to building a website with Creative Original is to schedule a free consultation to review your project and discuss design details, marketing goals, and budgetary considerations. The client will also be asked to complete a creative inquiry either in person or by email that answers the following questions:

  • Do you have hosting? Do you know the logins?
  • Do you know where you purchased your domain name? Do you have the logins?
  • Do you have a logo or color scheme? have you had a professional branding package done in the past?
  • Do you have your own photography or will we need to use stock images?
  • Can you provide a list of sites you like and don’t like as examples of your vision?
  • Is someone on staff going to write the content? If so can we confirm a sitemap (an outline of the pages) for the new site?
  • Can you describe your target audiences of the site? Who are your current customers/clients/donors? Are there untapped markets you want to break into?
  • Do you have a Google account for your business or organization? Can you provide the logins so we can set up Google tracking tools?


Step 2: Proposal Submission + Contract Confirmation

Typically it takes about 2 weeks for a client to receive a proposal, review the proposal and ask questions, negotiate the terms, accept the proposal, and sign the final contract.


Step 3: Website Mockup Design and Approval

It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete website mock-ups based on the client’s vision. These mock-ups are provided one at a time and feedback is accepted. The mock-ups are often created in JPEG format and then built live online so they can easily be shared with multiple decision makers. Once the new look and feel are approved by the client full development can begin. Keep in mind that some design elements can not be changed once the mock-up is approved.


Step 4: Website Design, Development, and Testing

Creative Original, Inc. will design the look and feel of the new website online so it an be viewed on the Internet easily and quickly. All content is added during this part of the process. All images, including photos and logos, must be provided during this process if they are not being provided by Creative Original. All interactive features and custom graphics will be tested to confirm compatibility with all devices and browsers.


Step 5: Final Review and Website Launch

Once the website is completed with all content and features it will go through a final review by both the client and the Creative original, Inc. team. Any final edits will be completed. Remember, some changes in the design are not possible at this stage of the project without incurring additional fees, but most small changes can be accommodated. Once the site is approved it will be launched so it is live to the public and visible to the search engines.


Project Timelines

Custom website design projects generally take between 3 and 5 months to build based on size. Projects can be completed more quickly when clients have clear visions of what they need online and are willing to make more customized changes at a later date.